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The perfect blend of traditional herbal oil infused with the spirit of Bali

We are the only distributor offering free delivery anywhere in Indonesia!

Experience the natural healing power of this amazing blend of organic oils from Bali. Kutus Kutus Oil is hugely popular due to its effectiveness in treating more than 50 health conditions, including arthritis, joint-pain, sprains, rheumatism, and many more.


We are an approved and authorized distributor of Kutus Kutus, sourcing the products directly from the Tamba Waras factory. At BaliHealingOil.Id, we believe that you will love all Tamba Waras products – in fact, we are so confident in the products that we are the only distributor who offer free delivery anywhere in Indonesia (T&Cs apply)! We are always looking for reseller partners to work with us to satisfy the growing demand of these amazing products.

Our Products

The signature product from Kutus Kutus, the Minyak Balur (Massage Oil) is made from 69 different herbal plants, providing natural healing and relief from a number of ailments from sprains to arthritis.

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Made from organic Tanamu seeds, the Tanamu Tanami Oil provides essential hydration complete with beneficial effects for your skin. It can also provide a  natural way of diminishing scars, acne, and pigmentation.

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Gentle purification at its best, Kalila Kalila is made from the same blend of 69 herbal plants from the signature Minyak Balur. Combined with coconut and olive oils, this soap is all you need in your daily cleansing routine.

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Especially formulated for sensitive skin, but highly beneficial for all skin types,  Tanamu Tanami soap is made up of 50% Tanamu oil. Tanamu oil is rich in moisturizing agents and naturally absorbs UV rays; creating the perfect organic sun screen.

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